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What's Your Christmas Table Vibe?


If you haven't already noticed, I am a shameless Christmas fanatic - soaking up the opportunity to create a new table setting each year. Whilst working on Wynnum Plaza’s Seasonal Gift Guide I had the opportunity to explore four varying table themes, each with a different spin that could be altered for your own homes. I have definitely honed in on the metallic trend this year, obsessing over mixed metals, accent hues and beautiful serveware. Of course this is not everyones cup of tea so I have prepared a few other options for you to test yourself. Look below to find your dream tablescape!


I’m Feelin’ Pink this Christmas

Thinking pink was the theme of this setting, ranging from soft pastel like shades to rich rose gold and burgundy tones. This is a very fun, luxe play on a pretty in pink style, with gold accents to add and extra layer of extravagance. If you are feeling a bit wary of this much pink, it can be simply toned down with a more organic looking table cloth to relax the whole vibe.


Merrily Metallic

Matt black, shimmering golds and complementary silvers are effortlessly combined within this look to create a more formal looking tableware setting. The best thing about this setting style is that anything can be mixed. Lusting over some matt look cutlery? Already own some amazing gold charger plates? Put them all together and you can get the start of this mixed metallic look. I know we won’t all strategically throw various shades of ribbon and baubles across the table (however do try it – it’s pretty mesmerising), but this is such an effortlessly glam look to create, and can be achieved by purchasing only a few new pieces.


Scandinavia is Calling

The third table is a more crafty, Scandi inspired look, channeling a younger more relaxed feel. I combined the traditional Scandi elements – pine, white and red with a hint of gold to inspire you to create a completely different look then previously shown. The Scandi trend has overtaken the home decor market, thus allowing this to become an extremely accessible look, easily combined with your current red and white Christmas decorations elevating its festive feel. If you personally want a more fun and simple table, this could be your go to. Easily modified, updated and tuned to your families tastes to create a festively fabulous spread.


Gettin' Green

The true hero of this image is the incredible/amazing/wonderfully over the top stump like table settings. Having found these at the beginning of the shoots product collection, they shaped the way we achieved a more natural and relaxed table setting. The combination of the emerald green table cloth, the hint of luxe in the gold cutlery, and the depth of colour and texture achieved by the glassware- a relaxed yet luxe style has being created. With a fairly blank pallet you can simply add more metallic shades for greater grandeur, or soften the look completely with crushed linen like fabrics and lighter tones.

I hope that these have inspired you to create your own little Christmas magic! Don’t feel afraid to alter the styles, add your own touch, or if you are like me - add more metallic!

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